Cat survives 4 hour trip from Auckland to Taranaki in car grille


Awwww kitty!! A cat survived a harrowing four-hour trip from Auckland to Taranaki clinging to the grille of a car.

The ordeal has been described as an "unbelievable survival story" by North Taranaki SPCA in a Facebook post. 

A man was driving his Chevy Camaro from Auckland to Taranaki on Tuesday and didn't realise a cat was hiding in the grille space of his car, the SPCA explained. 

The driver didn't make any stops along the way, unbeknown that a cat was experiencing a hellish fight for his life. In fact, the cat struggled to hold on so much that he lost claws. :(

When the driver parked up at a New Plymouth hotel, passers-by saw the cat and alerted staff. The SPCA then managed to safely extract him. 

The SPCA inspectors then rushed the feline to Vets4Pets New Plymouth where he was diagnosed with hypothermia and severe shock. 

The SPCA said it was "touch and go" for the cat, but he's now said to be "moving, eating, drinking" and "totally unconcerned about being at the vets."

Now, the SPCA wants to find the cat's family. 

"There were no stops during the car drive so he is from Auckland possibly Glenfield."

If you recognise the cat, contact North Taranaki SPCA at 06 758 2053. 

- Newshub