Can you see this face on the side of Mt Cook?

trending 01/06/2018

An amateur photographer with a keen eye for detail has spotted an eerie 'face' on the south side of our tallest mountain.

Christchurch art gallery owner Philip Wynands couldn't believe his eyes when he saw an outline of a human face on the south 'face' of Aoraki/Mount Cook from the Kea Point Walk.

We've been there several times to Mt Cook and never seen that face before, and just to see it that time is just incredible.

While some may say it's Photoshopped, he swears it isn't saying:

It's definitely not Photoshopped it's as it is - as you saw it and as I saw it on the day, I took the photograph and that was it.

The photo is up for sale in Wynand's art gallery, but no price has been set.