Why this Avenger wasn't around much in Infinity War

scandal 10/05/2018

OK we're assuming if you're reading this you've seen the latest Avengers movie but if you haven't - STOP READING NOW.


Throughout the film we saw all of the Avengers fighting to save the entire universe from Thanos but there was one Avenger missing for the majority of the fight. Who was that? Hulk.

Now don't get us wrong, Bruce Banner definitely was apart of the fight, he was the one that gave Cap the call and used Iron Man's Hulk Buster suit to help defend Wakanda.

The Hulk only showed up in the first scene to fight Thanos and then would just say 'NO' every time Bruce asked him to help out.

Talking on the 'Happy Sad Confused' podcast, Infinity War Director, Joe Russo, explained why the Hulk refused to help Bruce and the rest of the universe take on Thanos:

I think people have interpreted it as Hulk’s scared. I mean, certainly, that’s not a — I don’t know that the Hulk is ever… he’s had his ass kicked before, and he loves a good fight.

But I think that it’s really reflective of the journey from Ragnarok. Is that these two characters are constantly in conflict with each other over control. And I think that if the Hulk were to say why, it’d be [that] Banner only wants Hulk for fighting. I think he’s had enough of saving Banner’s ass.

So what does that mean for Bruce and Hulk's relationship in the next movie? We'll have and see (and see what happens to *that* half of the universe's population too).