Wedding 'Bouncy Castles' now exist to make your big day that much better

trending 09/05/2018

While everyone else is saving up to afford their drem wedding venue, we'll be saving up for this! 

One of the saddest days of our lives was when we were too old to play on the bouncy castle, like why can't adults have fun too?

But now you'll be able to bounce as much as you want while you say 'I do' on your wedding day thanks to these wedding-themed bouncy castes: 

The castles are all thanks to Wedding Wonderland in the U.K and as you can imagine, they're swamped with requests atm:

We are currently dealing with unprecedented levels of booking requests. Due to this high number we are now only taking bookings for venues in North East England.

Bad news is these aren't available in NZ right now so it looks like we're getting married in the U.K!