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Prince Harry has a hot cousin who's your new dream bachelor

scandal 23/05/2018

Now that Prince Harry is the Duke of Sussex and married to Meghan Markle, he is OFFICIALLY off the market. This means that we all 100% need to find our next royal crush and 'in' to the Royal Fam.

Cue Louis Spencer, Harry and William's very good-looking and very available cousin.

He escorted his sisters and mother to the event, dressed in coat tails and just looking incredibly dashing.

As it turns out, Nicki Minaj is ahead of the game - she's had a crush on Louis for years.

He hung out backstage after one of her concerts in 2015, prompting the rapper to post an Instagram photo of them captioned: "Check out our wedding photo."

The 24-year-old's full name is Louis Frederick John Spencer, Viscount Althorp, and he's in line to inherit his father's title, which would make him Earl Spencer.

Technically, the title is that of an aristocrat rather than a royal; but his future wife will still be a countess, so it hardly matters, right?

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Also of interest - Louis is set to inherit the family fortune of over GBP £145 million (NZ$280 million).

And on top of that, he'll one day occupy the Althorp mansion, which boasts multiple dining rooms, a billiard room, an art gallery and horse stables.

Could it be any more fairy-tale worthy?