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Paula Bennett gets owned after posting bitchy tweet about Jacinda Ardern

scandal 10/05/2018

Paula Bennett has thrown shade at Jacinda Ardern for releasing a New Zealand Music Month playlist.

Ms Bennett, the former deputy Prime Minister, tweeted on Wednesday that when she was a minister she "barely had time to listen to a song".

"I thought running the country was a full time job," Ms Bennett added.

However, replies to her tweet have shown that she had time to do a lot more than just listen to a song while serving as an MP.

In February 2017, Ms Bennett guest-wrote a review of a Guns N' Roses in Auckland for The Spinoff, which Spinoff editor Toby Manhire pointed out.

"Thanks again for this piece!" he wrote in a reply tweet.


"Loved it too," Ms Bennett replied, with seemingly not a hint of irony.

In the review, Ms Bennett writes that her favourite song of the night was 'Live and Let Die'.

"It's when Axl truly came into his own," she wrote, showing she had ample time to listen to that song in particular. 

Labour MP Deborah Russell also replied to the tweet with a screenshot of a 2017 Newshub story about Paula Bennett singing 'Natural Woman' on the National Campaign bus.

Others responded by pointing out that Prime Minister Ardern is the Minister for Arts and Culture, with one commenter calling it "perfectly reasonable" for her to support New Zealand Music Month.

Comedian Urzula Carlson had a simpler take.

This whole thing is sooooo good! Hahaha