Naz slams claims that she broke up her dance partner & his GF

scandal 21/05/2018

Reality TV star Nazanin Khanjani has hit back at claims that NZ Herald have reported on that she is the reason for the break up of her dance partner and his girlfriend.

Her dance partner Tim Mullayanov's ex girlfriend says her relationship with the dancer has been destroyed by his friendship with Naz.

But Mullayanov says the relationship was over long before the show started.

The woman, who has a three-and-a-half-year-old son with Mullayanov, says he failed to return home after the show's Monday night elimination episode.

"We have been together for five years but they have made me feel like a fool," the woman told the NZ Herald.

However, Mullayanov told the Herald he had split up with his partner some time ago although he could not remember exactly when.

"I was single when the show started filming, and I do not reside with my ex-partner," he said.

After hearing about these claims, Naz is having none of it, taking to Facebook to post that the story is "bullshit", saying that anyone who is close to Tim knows he left her a "long time ago". Here's her full post: