Metservice says the coldest winter in years is on its way


Metservice says get ready for one of the coldest winters in years and we say FMLLLLLL.

Meteorologist Georgina Griffiths told Newshub we're entering a colder than normal winter with much of June looking to be the same. 

"It's been a little while since we've had a cool or anywhere average winter... the last time we had one was in 2015," Ms Griffiths said. 

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The current cold snap should continue through to the first week of June, which is set to be colder than the average first week of winter, she said. 

"The bottom line for June is great news for ski fields, not so good for power bills."

"That abnormal heat we had to start the year is well and truly gone." 

The coldest areas on Thursday morning were around Otago and south Canterbury - Ranfurly dropped to -3.1C and Pukaki -3C. 

The deep south has seen ice cold temperatures with snow falling to 300 metres in Otago, Fiordland and Southland. 

More heavy snow is due on Thursday with 20 to 40 centimetres expected above 400 metres across the lower South Island. 

The North Island is not getting off light either with a low of -0.7C recorded in Upper Hutt while Desert Rd dropped to -0.5C.