MAFS AU Tracey asks Dean back in drunken texts

scandal 17/05/2018

Just when we'd thought we were over thinking Dean was our least favourite person in the world, he goes and leaks these messages...

Tracey was the people's champion at the end of Married At First Sight Australia when she told Dean:

This experiment has shaken me awake and helped me see what I'm worth. And unfortunately, Dean, you don't deserve me

But this week, only days after Tracey revealed she had broken up with her partner Sean, Dean showed his true self again after selling Tracey's druken texts to him to the Daily Mail.

According to the Daily Mail, the texts were sent April 18th, when Tracey was still with Sean. If it wasn't bad enough Dean sold her out, in the messages Tracey ask him twice to promise not to show anyone but here we are.

You can check out the screenshot from Dean's phone but this is how the conversation went:


Tracey: Can I text you something you promise never to show anyone because I’m drunk
Dean: Ha ok sure
Tracey: You really got under my skin the last few days (monkey emoji)
Dean: Awww oh well. Too bad u broke up with me at the final vows (crying with laughter emoji)
Tracey: Is it too late?
Tracey: I’m only going to ask once
Dean: Tracey… u know that boat has sailed babe
Dean: I wanna be friends and I care about u a lot but that boat has sailed babe
Tracey: Yep I’m drunk
Tracey: Please keep this between us promise?


We can imagine, even if they hadn't made things public when these messages were sent, Tracey would've been going through a lot with her relationship with Sean but for someone to take your druken texts and then sell them off for money, they's pretty low.

So even though he says the ship has sailed, we hope Tracey stays away from Dean because she needs to listen to her own words "Dean, you don't deserve me."