Lili Reinhart shuts down pregnancy rumours with message about body positivity

scandal 30/05/2018

Lili Reinhart just proved once again why she should be not just ours, but one of everyone's favourite human beings.

In a world where we're always feeling like we have to look a certain way or fit into a certain size, it can be hard to remember that our body is our own and we should love it no matter what.

But incase we forget, Lili Reinhart's always there to remind us. 

Over memorial weekend in the states, Lili and her boyf Cole Sprouse were pictured together. Memorial Weekend is just like Christmas when it comes to celebrated with a lot of food and drinks and like anyone, you look like you're ready to slip into a food coma right then and there, including Lili. 

Some fans, after seeing the photos, started sharing the photos speculating whether or not Lili was expecting...

It didn't take long for Lili to clap back at those rumours, shutting them TF down while also sharing a very important and powerful message about body positivity on her Insta story: