Kim Kardashian speaks out about Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompsons' relationship

scandal 01/05/2018

We all know Kim Kardashian isn't afraid to speak her mind, especially when it comes to one of her family members. 

If you remember back to literally just a few days before Khloe gave birth to her baby True, videos and photos started popping up online of her a**hole baby daddy, Tristan Thompson, allegedly kissing another woman.

But what's it been like since then? Well lucky for us Kim Kardashian is here to fill us all in.

While on Ellen this week, Kim said that Khloe is taking some time for herself and just bonding with True rather than thinking about Tristan:

You know, I think she’s not thinking of anything, I think she just wants a clear head and just wants to be alone with her baby and figure that out and the family’s flown out there a few times.

I think it must be so hard to have your heart broken and fall in love all in a day or two, all happening at the same time and I think she just needs some [space].

Ellen tried asking Kim what her thoughts were on Tristan but just like our parents taught us, Kim gave us a true example of if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all:

"I kind of made this rule with my brother, if there's a baby involved, I'm not going to talk. I'm going to keep it cute and keep it classy and not talk too bad. I'm going to try not to say anything so negative because one day True is going to see this."

Watch the full interview here.