Jacinda Ardern & Rhys Darby campaign to get NZ on world maps in hilarious video


Jacinda Ardern and Rhys Darby have joined forces to create a video questioning why New Zealand is being left off world maps.

Darby posted a link on Facebook: "We need to prove that New Zealand is missing from world maps so I can update New Zealand's fearless leader @jacindaardern.

"Help us #getNZonthemap."

New Zealand is, in fact, notably absent on many world maps around the world. Board game Risk, Vancouver International Village, Starbucks and Ikea are all labelled guilty in the video.

Other culprits include the British Museum in London, New York's Central Park Zoo, stock photos on Getty and extended footage from Star Trek: First Contact. An entire website, worldmapswithout.nz, has even been launched where globetrotting Kiwis can report maps which forget about us.