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Hugh Grant got married and no one can handle his intense ring

scandal 28/05/2018

It's been a long time coming but our ultimate old-man-mancrush Hugh Grant has settled down and gotten married! And it's only been a few days since he announced his engagement!!

The 57-year-old married his longtime girlfriend Anna Eberstein, 39, in a small ceremony in London at a Chelsea register office this week!

It was very low key, with no bridesmaids or anything and is apparently just what the pair wanted!

Now, fans have started commenting on Hugh’s very unusual choice in the wedding ring department. 

Anna chose a traditional gold band but Hugh's was a little different. He chose an ornamental silver ring with three red stones. Fans commented that it looked like it was from a market!  

Fans also said the ring shared a resemblance to a comedy ring from the 1994 film, Four Weddings and a Funeral....haha! Not quite!!

The ring is definitely unusual but each to their own!! 

The couple have three children together.