Home and Away's "Morag" - Cornelia Frances - has passed away

scandal 29/05/2018

Soap star Cornelia Frances - who played Morag on Home and Away has passed away after a long battle with cancer.

The 77-year-old TV veteran leaves behind her son Lawrence Eastland and her dearly loved 17-year-old granddaughter Tipani.

"Lawrence is truly devastated by the passing of his mum, they were the best of friends," show business reporter Craig Bennett told Woman's Day.

Cornelia first announced she was battling cancer in January when what began as a bladder cancer spread to her hip.

Despite undergoing chemo and radiation treatment, the cancer tragically metastasised in Cornelia's spine and she spent the final months of her life in palliative care.

In March, the actress opened up about her fight to survive.

"It's a hard road but we'll get there," Cornelia told A Current Affair during one of her last interviews.

Cornelia went on to reveal that the disease, which affected an estimated 2,995 people in Australia in 2017 according to the Australian Cancer Research Foundation, had in fact spread to her thighs.

She admitted the pain could be at times be excruciating.

"I'm feeling fine, albeit what's inside me. The pain comes and goes but that's par for the course. We're going to fight this, by God, I am."

Awww so sad! We're thinking of her family!