"Hank" from Breaking Bad makes x-rated mistake on Twitter


Most of us know how to use the internet...we grew up with it. But remember there are those people who didn't grow up with it and those people sometimes don't know how to use the internet. 

Exhibit A: Actor Dean Norris who played Hank in Breaking Bad sent out this tweet to all his 518,000 followers:

While it's not 100 percent clear what Dean Norris, aka Agent Hank Schrader from Breaking Bad, meant when he typed those simple seven letters, many across the Internet have surmised that he meant to type that into the search bar instead of the 'Make a Tweet' section.


The actor would presumably have been a little confused when he hit what he thought was the 'Search' button and no sex GIFs came onto the screen.

Whatever the case is, the internet responded accordingly with Hank GIFs