FYI 'ham and french toast' ice cream is now a thing

trending 08/05/2018

Can I please have a 3 scoop of Hokey Pokey, Jelly Tip, and...ham and french toast??

We can all agree that we'd rather just skip dinner and go straight to dessert right? We'll now you don't have to wait till dinner for dessert, you can have it for breakfast...

It's all thanks to the ice cream makers at Windy Brow Farms in New Jersey who've just made a 'french toast and caramelised Taylor ham' flavour. Now don't get us wrong, we're always up for a scoop of Ice cream and trying new flavours but this one is definitely next level.

The ham is first cooked, then fried, and topped with cinnamon and sogar before getting mixed in with the ice cream.

Would you switch out your scoop of Hokey Pokey for this one anytime soon?