Fans are convinced that Kylie's bodyguard is Stormi's biological father

scandal 04/05/2018

The internet loves a bloody scandal and Kylie Jenner is already facing her second paternity scandal surrounding her baby daddy.

First came Tyga requesting DNA tests as he was convinved he was Stormi's father, not Travis Scott (FYI, his plea was ignored). Now fans have a second theory, that Kylie Jenner's bodyguard might actually be Stormi's dad.

The new theory started circulating after a Facebook page shared a picture of Kylie alongside the man in question and lol there is kinda a resemblence.

Butttttt we're not sure this justifies a massive theory being put out there.

Someone on Facebook reckon they've found the bodyguard's Instagram account. Do you think he looks like he could be Stormi's dad? Lol!