You can now get a temporary tattoo of your BFFs face


There are many ways to tell your BFF that you love her and now if you're keen to take it to the next level, you can get your face temporarily tattooed on your body. Yep.

You can pretty much find anything on Etsy and temp tattoos are included. Seller Lilimandrill is hawking $80-plus customized temporary tattoos featuring the punim of your choice, that you can commission for weddings, bachelorette parties, or Wednesday happy hour, should you feel compelled to surprise your college friends with a collection of their faces on your body.

France-based Lilimandrill's long sold tiny, customized, hand-drawn portraits, which can be placed on mugs, stamps, and other souvenirs for big events.

They do look really cool:

According to the Etsy product description, the tattoos are hand drawn using pencil, providing purchasers with "a unique, precise and delicate piece of art just for you and your guests." Pre-shipping $80 gets you 25 tattoos, though the cost gets a tad steeper for bigger bulk orders.