Tiki Taane looks SO DIFFERENT after huge weight loss

scandal 10/04/2018

Singer Tiki Taane is the latest F45 success story. He's shown off his dramatic body transformation on his social media.

After an intense eight weeks of healthy eating and workouts, Tiki is looking slim! 

F45 landed in NZ four years ago and is apparently the secret behind bodies like Hugh Jackman's and Nicole Kidman's. It's described as three styles of exercise married in to one 45-minute sweat session - high intensity interval training (HIIT), circuit training and functional training.

Taane has also been following a meal plan of egg breakfasts, protein shakes, green tea and lemon water, designed to boost metabolism, detox and burn maximum fat.

He also cut coffee and alcohol out of his diet for the first two weeks.

Good on him!!