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Taylor Swift shares details on how much of her older stuff she'll be playing on her tour

scandal 26/04/2018

So Taylor Swift is coming to New Zealand in November this year which has heaps of us excited!!! It also has had fans questioning what to expect from her show.

Taytay's new music is pretty different to her older stuff so naturally fans usually have a fave Taylor era of music. And it leaves us with one question: how much of her Reputation World Tour is older songs and how much is newer songs?

And we've got our answer straight from the source!

Taking to her Instagram stories, Taylor said she's going to share a fact about the tour once a day until the tour starts. The first fact she shared is about the older songs she will play live. Taylor said she will play 10 songs from older albums live which is a pretty good percentage of the show, right!?  

This makes us even more excited to see this gal rock it live!!