Someone drew Peppa Pig from the front and it's more disturbing than you'd think


Ahhhh Peppa Pig. If you're unfamiliar with the cartoon, it's a popular kid's cartoon that is unintentionally hilarious but also apparently terrifying.

If you've never seen it, watch this hilarious clip:

Ok, now you know what Peppa looks like, you'll be able to tell that we only ever see her side on:

Keen to see what Peppa might look like from the front, Japanese Twitter user KwonHanchi sketched her from the front and the results are pretty disturbing.

The aspiring teenage animator shared an image of Peppa's 'left face', followed by a picture of her 'right face' and then an artistic visualisation of what you might see based on that if you were to look at her front on.

Yep, this is the conclusion they came to:

They later shared the image again, this time in colour, just to add that extra dimension of horror.

Yeah, so that's traumatising!!!!