Riverdale's Lili Reinhart opens up about her social anxiety

scandal 19/04/2018

Lili Reinhart's just gone and proved yet again why she's our fav Riverdale star (sorry KJ).

Lili's never been one to shy away from talking about mental health. She's previously talked about her own battle with depression and now, like many of us, she's also admitted to suffering from social anxiety.

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While sitting down with the rest of the cast for a chat with Seventeen, Lili was asked if she's anything like her out there and go getter character Betty but because of her social anxiety, Lili said she was nothing like her:

I’ve had social anxiety forever — I don’t thrive in social or party settings, Betty doesn’t either, but she’s more inclined to go out and do things. I’d rather stay home and read a book!

This isn't the first time Lili's talked about her anxiety though. In a past interview with W Magazine she revealed she had to move back home because of it:

I had to quit a few jobs in North Carolina because of how anxious they made me. My anxiety was so bad that I had to keep quitting jobs because I physically could not work. But I knew I needed to make money...I felt like my world was crashing. I didn’t want to admit defeat, but I was like, 'I need to come home. My mental health is suffering, and it is making me physically ill.