McDonald's to phase out plastic straws and we're 100% for it

scandal 03/04/2018

McDonald's has just announced they're about to do their part to protect the environment by phasing out plastic straws in their restaurants!

The phase out of plastic straws will start in the UK which has around 1,300 McDonald's restaurants, and is expected to start in May. 

While talking with Sky News, Mcdonald's U.K CEO Paul Pomroy said:

The reduction in use of plastics is a hugely important issue for business, for the sector, and for society...We've been on a journey over the past 10 years with recycling, from taking out foam and polystyrene to where we are now - with Big Mac 'clam' boxes that are made with recycled board,

Even though the straws McDonald's uses now are technically recyclable, the majority of people just throw them in the bin so in May, they're be introducing new paper straws and moving the standard plastic straws behind the counter.

It's estimated that the UK goes through 8.5 million plastic straws a year so this is a huge step from McDonald's and we hope that introduce this to NZ soon too!