Married At First Sight Australia's Troy slammed for 'racist' Instagram story

scandal 30/04/2018

Married at First Sight Australia star Troy has landed himself in hot water after a controversial Instagram story post. A video of Troy Delmege and fellow contestant Carly Bowyer has attracted attention online. And it's not positive.

In the Instagram story, filmed at Melbourne International Airport, Troy explains that he "couldn't be more excited" for a trip for he and Carly were about to take to Bali.

"Can't wait to get the tan on, get some heat on me after being in Melbourne for a few weeks," he says.

However, he then proceeds to liken Carly's anticipated post-Bali skin tone to that of an indigenous Australian.

"I'm going to be dark - she'll be darker, like an Aborigine!" he says.

The remark has copped some flak online, with activist Tarneen Onus-Williams sparking a debate on Twitter after calling his comment "disgusting".

"Bloody annoyed that my brother had to film with these too (sic)," she wrote.

"Troy saying he's going to be tan like a real 'Aborigine'. The fact he's laughing about being Aboriginal is disgusting."

That tweet resulted in an aggressive onslaught aimed at Troy.

Troy and Carly are supposedly expecting a child together. We ain't seeing any signs of the bebe yet, though! 👀