Man selling the world's most expensive number plate for $28 million


A man is selling what’s believed to be the world’s most expensive number plate.

At an impressive £14.7 million (about $28 million NZD) it's BLOODY RIDICULOUSLY EXPENSIVE.

Ten years ago, Afzal Kahn made a very smart business decision – despite being laughed at when he bought the plate for £375,000.

But he's having the last laugh with the profit he's about to make. 

What does the plate say, though? It says 'F1'. He bought it in 2008 from the Essex Council. It's reportedly the most sought after in the world - down to the whole Formula One thing - F1 is easily the biggest name in motorsport.

According to The Sun, the council had owned it for 104 years before accepting the bid from Mr Khan.