MAFS Nasser responds to rumours that he's gay

scandal 17/04/2018

For weeks there have been rumours that Married at First Sight groom Nasser is dating a man. 

Even while the show was on air, fans were speculating as to whether Nasser was bisexual or gay, implying that that might even be the reason his married to Gabrielle failed. 

Now, Nasser hsa finally responded to the rumours.

Whilst speaking to New Idea, Nasser said that his sexuality doesn't matter because "sexuality is fluid".

Who cares if I’m gay or not? What difference does it make? I went onto MAFS to find love with someone and I’m still looking now.


"I shouldn’t have to come out and label myself or anything like that – no-one should. What’s that saying…sexuality is fluid."

Nasser has reportedly been seeing a student by the name of Eyob Geist and told The Daily Mail last week that he would be seeing him more often, however, he didn't reveal if they were a couple or just good friends.