Liam Payne just dropped some massive hints about a One Direction reunion

scandal 19/04/2018

Now One Direction fans don't freak out bit this could potentially be some very, very exciting news...

One Direction fans have been given more hope of the band getting back together, making new music and touring again, by none other than Liam Payne.

While talking with the German publication Promiflash, Liam got talking about One Direction saying it's not a case of if there'll be a reunion but when:

I think it will happen sometime in the foreseeable future, we’ve already talked about it. We have the dream of this next big show and the stage we are currently in, and the success of everyone is so important to us to realize the show.

With everybody being so successful … It’s is so important for us to be able to make that show. And it’s the only way really that One Direction could get any bigger. It’s the only way we could get more successful really, isn’t it? By being good on your own.

This isn't the first time one of the boys have talked about a reunion definitely being on the cards though. Nial Horan has previously told the Sunday People that the boys will be back:

We will be back. We would be silly not to... ridiculous

So our 14 year old might have to wait a while longer, but looks like the boys will be back (at some point).