Kylie Jenner is being mum-shamed for going to Coachella

scandal 19/04/2018

Kylie Jenner is copping heat from fans after she left her new baby Stormi to go to Coachella.

Age 20, Kylie welcomed her daughter on Feb 1. This didn't hold her back from living her best celeb lifestyle, though. She posted a number of pics from the music festival, including one captioned: “I’m not a regular mom, I’m a cool mom.”

I photo has more than 7 million likes but it's sparked some debate online.

Mum-shamers hit hard and fast. One user wrote: “I don’t see a cool mum. I see an attention-seeking young woman with a two-month-old infant, wherever you choose to stack [sic] her for now.”

Another person chimed in with the comment: “Your not a cool mum. You’re an entitled young lady who has yet to figure out what’s important in life. It’s not money, it’s not cars, houses and fame. Leaving your baby to go hang out at a festival. Not cool at all. The precious time spent with your child is and dedicating yourself to that would make you cool.”

Another person said she should never have had a baby in the first place:

“A ‘cool mum’ doesn’t up and leave her newborn for a weekend of partying at Coachella — yes that’s you Kylie Jenner ... If you wanted to party don’t get pregnant. #WhatAConcept.”

The criticism has even spilt over to Twitter. One user said that Kylie should serve as an example to use protection.

But some came to the young mum’s defence.

One fan wrote: “Disgusted at the attacks. Being a mother does not mean you stop having a life or give up your identity. Do you judgmental people honestly believe her child is being neglected because she is enjoying herself for a few days? A few days off even longer will not change anything. Give it a rest. Babies sleep. Milk can be stored. These nasty comments are cruel. Be kind. It’s not that difficult.”