KJ Apa performed at Coachella and now we really wish we were there

scandal 23/04/2018

We thought we'd already reached peak level of Coachella FOMO when we watched Beyonce's record breaking performance last weekend but then ol'mate KJ Apa has to go and do this.

The second weekend of Coachella is always full of surprises but for all us Riverdale fans, KJ coming out on stage was definitely the highlight. During Kygo's set on Saturday night, KJ casually joined him on stage to jam out on his guitar:

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If you've watched all of KJ's guitar vids on his Insta then we don't need to tell you how amazing he would've been on stage....but, just in case, here's some more proof from someone who was there: 

The performance didn't come as a surprise to everyone though. Earlier in the week KJ put up a photo on Insta saying "See ya on stage with @kygomusic #Coachella."