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Kanye West gets destroyed online for design of neck tattoo

scandal 20/04/2018

Kanye West has recently reactivated his Twitter account and he's already getting destroyed.

Check this tweet out:

So, yeah, it's a bit of a crappy tatt but when you look deeper you realise it's worse than you thought.

Recognise the font? If you ever used the internet in roughly 2005 for mild graphic design, you probably know that is a thing...

As it happens, this tattoo, ‘designed’ by one of the rapper’s friends, is actually just a dafont font available to anyone, multi-millionaire or not.

Hahaha. So good. We're guessing he won't get it after having this pointed out? Then again ya never know....It's Kanye.

Despite vowing to never to return to Twitter - 'ye decided to make a brief, albeit memorable, return.

This time around, he decided to call out sportswear giants Nike for supposedly copying one of his sneaker designs.

Taking to Twitter, before quickly deleting the post and deactivating his account (again), West called out Nike after they released images of their newly revamped Air Monarchs, which’ll be dropping April 19.

He posted a picture of the sneaker, dubbed the Nike M2K Techno, with the caption ‘Yeezy 700 vibes’, followed by the facepalm and laughing emojis.