Justin Bieber reportedly punched a guy for assaulting a woman at Coachella

scandal 16/04/2018

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's Justin Bieber, the Coachella hero we never knew we needed (until now).

According to TMZ, the Biebs reportedly punched another guy straight in the face while at a Coachella party.

Apparently Justin spotted the man grab a woman by the throat and refused to let her go. Justin was talking to other people at the party when the guy 'went ballistic'.

Bieber repeatedly told the guy to let her go but when he refused by saying 'go f***k yourself' Justin then "hit the man in the face and pushed him against the wall … allowing the woman to break free."

TMZ also added that the man was later spotted chasing after Justin's SUV after the party hitting the side of it and screaming his name.

By the looks of his Insta, the incident didn't stop Justin from having a good time throughout the rest of Coachella: