Disney reveals who'll play Kim Possible in new movie


Nothing can beat our love for Disney Channel. Especially when it comes to one of our favourite shows on there, Kim Possible:

So when we heard the news that 16 years after the first episode of Kim Possible, she's coming back in a new film!

Now if you're a true fan, you'll be reading this like 'cool but actually there's already been 2 Kim Possible films' but this movie is going following in the foot steps of Aladdin and Mulan, and being turned in to a live-action movie.

The scripts being written by Mark McCorkle and Robert Schooley, the original writers of the animated series.

The important question though is who's going to play Kim? and who's going to play her boyf Ron Stoppable?

Introducing Sadie Stanley who'll be playing Kim and Sean Giambrone who'll play Ron:

The movie is expected to premiere on Disney Channel sometime in 2019.