Aaron and Sade, our Stranger Wedding couple are expecting a baby!

scandal 09/04/2018

Baby news!

We've successfully married 4 strangers in the past, our most recent being Aaron and Sade and they've got some exciting news..they're expecting a baby!

Opening up to Women's Day this week, the couple spoke about their "baby miracle".

The couple have struggled in the past with "Aaron's wandering eye", which Sade wrote about in her book, "So...I Married A Stranger!". Although it was difficult, the pair stayed together.

Sade said that Aaron has "been amazing". They decided at the start of last year that they'd try for a baby and since then Sade found out she had polycystic ovary syndrome. After being on drugs for six weeks, BAM, now there's a baby on the way!! 

We're stoked for this couple who are due July 13th and can't wait to see this little 'stranger' baby!