5 thoughts we had while watching the first ep of Dancing With the Stars


After the first episode of Dancing With the Stars aired last night, we were sure to tune in and had just a few thoughts while watching it. They're summed up in the vid above but if you're more prone to a bit of a read, here they are:

1.  Shav broke the internet with her 'belly button'...

Girl, you looked great!! 

2. Gilda is vicious af

She out there breakin' necks and shiz

3. David hasn't showered in like...ages...

Um ew?

4. The judges are savage

Out there giving zero efs about what the contestants think

5. Zac doesn't look like he's improved since the promo

Boy...you better improve QUICKLY

Dancing With the Stars is on Three every Sunday 7pm and Monday 7:30pm