Uber Eats is doing $10 deals to celebrate their birthday


Looks like we've got lunch sorted for the week!

What a year it's been for little ol'New Zealand. Jacinda Ardern become Prime Minister, we won our first medals at the Winter Olympics in 26 years, and our lives changed when we finally got Uber Eats.

Over the year they've been a part of our lives, Uber Eats has gone from 70 reasturants on the app to now more that 400 in Auckland. Uber Eats isn't only just in Auckland anymore with Christchurch, Wellington, and Hamilton now on board.

Emma Foley, NZ Country Manager, Uber Eats, says:

We’re so pleased Kiwis have embraced the magic of online food delivery. Uber Eats is already popular among Kiwis as an extremely convenient and reliable way to get the food they love, delivered at Uber speed – and this is only set to grow

To celebrate their first birthday in Auckland though, Uber Eats has partnered up with reasturants across the city for $10 Birthday deals.

The birthday deals are available on their app up until Friday 23rd of March.

P.S Happy birthday Uber Eats Auckland!