17 thoughts we had while watching the MAFS finale


OK, so much like the rest of NZ we were SO THERE for the finale of Married at First Sight Australia which aired last night on Three. And wow they really brought the DRAMA.

There were confrontations left right and centre...Davina was called out massively, Dean went red af, Ryan stayed the man and Tracey...we don't even know what was happening there...

Here's what went through our heads while we were watching the finale:

1. WTF Troy and Carly stop effing KISSING all the time

2. Who invited Goldmember...?

3. Ok how much wife-swapping can go on in one show tho

4. Wonder what hair product that expert uses...

5. Maybe Pat should just marry his mum

6. Dean seems to have forgotten EVERYTHING. *Googles* how easy is it to get amnesia?

7. Troy, don't open your mouth during the 'boys night' argument!!!!!!.....................he did.........................

8. *Googles* can you die of embarrassment?
Dean is red af.

9. "It's not all about hashtag Davina hashtag coconut oil" HAHAHAHAHAHA NASSER IS SAVAGE AF

10. You know when Nasser tells you everything is not always about you, you've got issues

11. DEAN R U SERIOUS!? "Tracey's looks are not her best quality"
"It's not an insult"

12. Ellen is soooo unimpressed right now

13. We need to run a competition where we get rid of a winner's shit tattoo and Ryan definitely needs to win

14. Does Sean pluck his eyebrows?

15. Tracey licks her lips A LOT

16. There needs to be a Fight For Life boxing night with all the MAFS contestants

17. Well I have roughly 10 years spare time now that that's over

While the show might be over, the goss continues (thank God). Watch our interview with Patrick where he reveals all about the show!