Shia LaBeouf's starring in movie about Shia Labeouf but isn't playing Shia Labeouf

scandal 19/03/2018

You know that thing when you say a word over and over again and it stops sounded right? well that's happened to us with 'Shia LaBeouf' now....

Let's start things off by saying Shia LaBeouf is one of our favourite humans, mainly because you never know what he's going to do next.

The latest curve ball news he's thrown the world is that he's going to be starring in a movie all about himself but no, he's not playing himself. Instead, he's going to be playing his own father (like we said - curve ball).

The film, titled Honey Boy after a nickname LaBeouf's father gave him as a child, revolves around the pair's contentious relationship.

LaBeouf co-wrote the script under the pseudonym Otis Lort.

The script tells "the story of a child star attempting to mend his relationship with his law-breaking, alcohol-abusing father over the course of a decade".

Academy Award nominee Lucas Hedges will play "young Shia LaBeouf", portraying the actor in his Even Stevens days.

Hedges, only 10 years younger than LaBeouf, earned an Academy Award nomination for his performance in 2016's Manchester by the Sea. He most recently starred in Lady Bird and Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri.

Casting for preteen LaBeouf is ongoing through casting director Jennifer Venditti. Venditti cast Andrea Arnold's 2016 film starring LaBeouf, American Honey.

SOURCE: Newshub.