OMG check out this hot cross bun ice cream for Easter


OK now this sounds and looks amazing. Auckland's Gianpaolo Grazioli of Giapo, has gone and created a bloody Easter masterpiece.

Part cone, part bun — which is served warm — the Hot Cross Bun Cone arrives just in time for Easter. 

How good does it look? 

To make the spicy hot cross bun creation Giapo soaked raisins in orange juice to stay nice and moist in the bun after baking. The spices are a glorious blend of cinnamon, cloves and mixed spice, and topping it off is the unmistakable aroma of candied orange peel. The bun is then sliced in half with the bottom section sitting perfectly around the top of a waffle cone. The bottom half is filled with ice cream of the customer's choice, then the lid of the bun is placed on.

Eeeek! Get in us. They're available at Giapo now.