Naked and Afraid contestant gets stung by a wasp straight on the D


Things got off to a fiery start in the new season premiere of reality TV show Naked and Afraid as a man had his genitals stung on camera.

Duke Brady, a survival enthusiast, quickly rushed to a nearby creek to ease his pain with cold water after receiving the sting.

"It's probably one of the least joyful things I've ever experienced," he said.

"I don't have anything to compare it to besides sharp, hot, burning knives going through pieces of skin you don't want them to go through.

"It had so many other places to sting me!"

Brady was paired with Naked and Afraid's first female Muslim participant, Amal Alyassiri, in the episode.

She asked to inspect the sting.

"Alright, it's awkward, but let me see," she said.

Alyassiri then recoiled as she saw Brady's swollen penis, saying: "Holy! That can't be good."

SOURCE: Newshub