The new MAFS AU couples after more wife swapping

scandal 28/03/2018

In what was pitched as "the most shocking hour of television ever", the couples of Married At First Sight Australia were reunited in the latest episode for the first of a two-part finale.

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Six weeks after the experiment ended, there have clearly been some pretty big changes with who loves - or lusts after - whom.

Long-swirling rumours were confirmed as two brand new pairings were revealed; Sean and Tracey have been dating since the experiment ended, as have Carly and Troy.

It was evidently a shock for the other participants, especially Ashley, who split with Troy at the final vow ceremony six weeks earlier and had said she was confused why she hadn't heard from him since then.

" bulls..t," she said under her breath as Troy and Carly entered the room together.

Do I hug them? I don't want to hug them.

Ashley then greeted Troy with her usual savage tone, saying, "I haven't heard from you, I wonder why! That part where you said 'I love you', then hooked up with another girl? I feel like the idiot in the room!"

Equally as shocking for everyone else in the room was the moment it became clear Sean, who  who was originally paired with Blair, is now with Tracey, who was with Dean, despite him cheating on her with Davina.

As Tracey revealed to the reeling group that during the rose ceremony she "ended it but Dean wanted to stay", everyone was shocked and confused. They were then further shocked as Sean kissed Tracey on entering the room.

Jo and Charlene exclaimed "shit the bed" and "what the f**k", respectively.

"I'm happy to say I found love," Sean told the group, before Tracey gushed they had been "inseparable"

Nobody appeared more shocked than the watching love experts, who said nothing like this had occurred in any of the previous seasons.

Despite it being sold as the most shocking episode of the season so far, we're promised further revelations during Wednesday night's final finale.

You can watch Married At First Sight Australia S05E31 on ThreeNow.

SOURCE: Newshub