MAFS Dean and Tracey say they want kids together

scandal 02/03/2018

Their relationship has been a rocky one but Married at First Sight's Dean and Tracey seem determined to make it work.

Dean shared with OK! that he and Tracey are ready to take their relationship to the next level.

Dean amitted he has met Tracey's daughter Grace and it went "really well".

Tracey says of the meeting:

"He was great with her. When he met Grace, she was wearing a skateboarding T-shirt and they bonded over that. They had a great connection because they're both big kids!"

So could Tracey see herself having more kids with Dean?

"Dean is definitely dad material," Tracey revealed.

"He has a lot of strengths that make for a good parent."

It seems to be all go! Dean says: "There was an instant connection between us. That bond has grown stronger with everything we've been through".

"I've let her down and I'm grateful she managed to see past that. We're in a good place for our future together now."