MAFS AU Ryan poses completely nude in new photoshoot

scandal 27/03/2018

If you only watched Married At First Sight Australia for the #drama and just so you can look at Ryan's pretty lil'face then firstly, you're not the only one, and secondly, do we have the best Easter treat for you...

In a new photoshoot with NW magazine, Ryan has stripped off all his clothes and the only thing between you and his bits is a strategically placed golden Easter Egg...

Ofcourse getting nude for the world to see isn't something we'd all be keen to do but for Ryan, he had no issues saying:

I've always, always loved making people laugh. In school, I'd always been the class clown. Good to put that to some good use...

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I'm not shy, I never have been. You gotta be comfortable with nudity. I've got a lot of flaws. But you've just got to own them. Move on.

With the show wrapping up NW also asked Ryan what he has planned next and by the sounds of it, he's still on the hunt for that special someone:

I hope to be with someone by next year, so I'm looking to find someone as soon as possible, fingers crossed.

So if you were sitting there, watching the show, thinking how much better you'd be for Ryan than Davina, now's your chance to slide in to his DMs!