Jennifer Lawrence was *that* drunk mate we all love at the Oscars

scandal 05/03/2018

Jennifer Lawrence continues to be the most relatable person at the Oscars.

J-Law has always been our fav when it comes to the Oscars. Not only because she always looks bomb asf, but because she represents what we'd all be like if we got a ticket to the biggest award show in the world.

How? well remeber that time she tripping up the stairs on the way to get her award:

And she's always asking the real questions:

Things weren't any different at this year's Oscars either.

Watching the award show, Jen reminded us of the drunk mate we all have after a big one, and we love it. She started the night off the best way possible, with a big glass of wine but the best part is when she was pictured climbing over the seats without spilling a drop:

Jennifer also didn't miss the chance to troll Emma Stone, who she was sitting next to. During Jimmy Kimmel's opening speech, Jimmy made a joke about last year's #awkward moment when La La Land and Moonlight were mixed up for Best Picture.

"This year, when you hear your name called, don't get up right away" Jimmy said when the cameras panned to the audience, getting a shot of Jennifer pointing and laughing at Emma:

Here's to seeing what Jennifer brings to the show in 2019!