How long your wine actually lasts after opening the bottle


If you've got a half drunk bottle of wine sitting in the fridge, it's probably best to finish that off sooner rather than later.

While talking with Popsugar, wine educator, Collin Lilly, from Andretti Winery in Napa Valley, gave us all some good advice on how to enjoy wine 'at it's best'.

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He started things off by saying once you open a bottle of wine, you need to 'drink the entire bottle that night' and hey, we're not going to argue with an expert.

That's because after you've poured a few glasses, the bottle is obviously left with a gap of air in it which is not a good thing. Once the leftover wine is exposed to the air, the 'phenols',which are responsible for the wine's taste, start to 'dissipate and become negative flavours'.

Which basically means if you leave your bottle open for a day or so before touching it again, the taste willl have changed and 'spoiled' from when you first opened it.

When you open a bottle, it's best to drink it within four to six hours of opening without compromising taste

So if you're planning on opening a bottle of wine tonight, probs best to finish the whole thing because no one wants a 'spoiled' wine right?