'Game of Thrones' themed Easter eggs are a thing


Your dreams of becoming Daenerys Targaryen are close to being somewhat a reality with these dragon Easter eggs which resemble something straight out of Game of Thrones.

Paying homage to everyone's fave TV series, British supermarket Morrisons has unveiled a Belgian milk chocolate, hand-decorated 'Dragon Egg'.

Photo credit: Morrisons

The special chocolate Easter egg looks just like the three petrified dragon eggs that Daenerys was given by Magister Illyrio Mopatis as a wedding gift. 

Photo credit: Morrisons

They'll no doubt do a pretty good job of keeping us all entertained while we hang on for the final season, which we're going to have to wait for FOREVER for.

We're unsure if these will be stoked on NZ shelves anytime soon, so it may be a matter of getting your mates who are busy galavanting around Europe on their OE to send you back some of that chocolatey Game of Thrones goodness.