Gab from MAFS says Nasser's reaction to her having alopecia was different off-camera

scandal 06/03/2018

Gabrielle and Nasser had a strong start on Married at First Sight Australia but things quickly began to unravel.

Early on Gab revealed to Nasser that she has alopecia - a hair-loss condition - and wears a wig. He seemed incredibly supportive at the time but Gab told NW that the reality was different and Nasser's reaction was actually really upsetting.

"He was telling producers, 'I don't wanna know about that, it's her stuff to deal with,'" Gab told NW.

"There were two reactions from Nasser. There was his initial one [on camera] and then another one the next morning – and they were quite in contrast, to be honest, which was really upsetting.

His tone was just so... It made me feel shame all of a sudden for having alopecia.

Gab explained that Nasser was fun on-camera but it was different when they stopped rolling. 

"He's always so affectionate and present when the cameras are there, but his behaviour is so different when they aren't. The on- and off-camera Nasser are very different. As soon as the crew packs up for the day, Nasser stops being affectionate. It's very lonely," Gab told NW. 

Gab also revealed why she wrote Stay during the most recent Commitment Ceremony, even though she’d written Leave the week before and expected that Nasser would write Leave. 

“I knew Nasser's go-to would be to run away and leave, and I did not want this to seal my fate. I made a really firm commitment to myself before the show that I wouldn't leave until every stone had been turned over. And my decision was always going to be mine – and a bit of revenge too!”