FYI Giant flamingo floaties now exist that'll fit your whole group


The most popular accessory over summer, other than your sunnies ofc, seemed to be a giant flamingo or other bird-related floatie going by our Instagram feeds. 

Whether it was because of Dua Lipa's music video for 'New Rules' or some other reason, floaties seem to be more popular than ever lately. The problem is you've only ever been able to fit one or two people on the comfortably - until now. 

Sam's Club has just released three GIANT pool floaties and when we say giant, we mean it's big enough for Hagrid to lounge out on and still have room for more. 

You can choose between a Flamingo, a Unicorn or a Peacock that all come with cup holders, a cooler bin for your drinks and can hold up to six people each.

These floaties don't come cheap though. Instead of the $20 you got your flamingo for over Christmas, these bad boys will set you back $150 USD each (that's just over $200 NZD) and can you imagine how much shipping one of these would be? they'd almost be the same size blown up as the boat they're coming over on.

Ok, that was our 'responsible' side talking, because what we're really thinking is who cares about the price, imagine how cool one of these would be and how bomb asf your Instagram photos would look on one!