Footage emerges of MAFS' Nasser talking about his "wife and kids" on old TV show

scandal 09/03/2018

Old footage has resurfaced of Married at First Sight contestant Nasser on the TV show Pawn Stars. In the episode he talks about his wife and kids. This revelation has got fans of MAFS questioning whether he might be an actor, as he admitted on MAFS that living with his TV wife Gabrielle was the first time he has ever lived with a woman.

In the old footage from TV show Pawn Stars Australia Nasser tries to sell his toy car collection to pay for his "kid's education."​

He discusses the collection with one of the Happy Hockers team members, saying: "We used to race go-karts, but in the winter you want to hang out with the kids," he explains. 

After coming to an agreement on the price of the collection, which was less than what Nasser was hoping for, the reality star says, "My wife's going to kill me".

Watch from about 1min in:

Observant fans will also recognise that Nasser's friend Ben, who has appeared on MAFS, is one of the Pawn Stars dealers.

Everything about this is confusing af and we have no idea what is going on tbh.