Ed Sheeran's thoughts on the $8000 mural of him in Dunedin

scandal 11/03/2018

Dunedin City Council has attracted criticism for spending $8000 on a street mural of Ed Sheeran.

Sheeran's set to perform down south over Easter, and to celebrate, the council's marketing arm has commissioned a local artist to paint a picture of the international popstar.

Enterprise Dunedin director John Christie says:

We deemed that this is going to be an appropriate use of some of that money for us,

Dunedin is known for its street art, which encourages people to explore the city by foot. But most pieces have been funded by building owners or private donations.

The Taxpayers' Union says that's the issue. Communications officer Louis Houlbrooke told Newshub:

The council could have found a private sponsor for this kind of thing, 

But what does Ed Sheeran think of the idea of having a mural put up in Dunedin?

Turn's out he's not too fussed either way tbh. During an interview with Seven Sharp, Ed spoke about the controversy saying, in the end, it's 'up to them'.

The street art is due to be completed by early next week.

Sheeran will perform in Auckland and Dunedin later this month.

SOURCE: Newshub.