Ed Sheeran popped 'round to PM Jacinda Ardern's house for tea & scones


Even our Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is a fangirl. Ed Sheeran is in the country of course for his six shows and Jacinda thought she'd of course take her chance to try and meet the fella.

Little did she know that he was actually going to take her up on the offer!!

The Prime Minister posted a photo of herself and Ed on Sunday.

"Couldn't make any of Ed Sheeran's shows while he is here so cheekily suggested he come round for a cuppa and some scones," she wrote.

"Didn't quite expect him to say yes."

Ardern apparently made Ed some scones that "weren't a complete disaster".

Her partner Clarke Gayford also enjoyed the visit. The dad-to-be and the singer shared a moment together going through a book on pregnancy by Kiwi actress Jacquie Brown.

In the past, Sheeran has reached out to the PM with requests for citizenship.

It's Ms Ardern's second high-profile meeting in a week, after she met former President Barack Obama during his three-day visit of the country.